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Ice Cold Lemonade at the Kids Cafe

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


“Lemonade! Lemonade! Come and get your lemonade!” 8-year-old Kids Cafe participants Roia and Gladness chanted, behind the counter of the lemonade stand they were staffing on East 10th Street.

It was the first full day of summertime, and from noon until 2 p.m., the children of the Kids Cafe were taking turns offering cookies and lemonade to their neighbors. “We want to use the money we raise to go on special trips this summer. We might go to Denny’s, or to Waldameer, or to the beach,” Gladness explained. There was no price listed on the cookies and lemonade, which had been provided with the help of Kids Cafe Cook, Amelia Wagner. Instead, people passing by were able to make a donation of whatever they could afford.

Supervised by Jane Wagner, Director of the Kids Cafe, and Lindsey Wiedmont, Activity Coordinator, the children practiced advertising, meeting new people, and making change.

“We want to do this again!” said Roia. Their customers, who included construction workers, neighbors, and staff of Saint Benedict Education Center, certainly hope that they will, too.

Photo: Children at the Kids Cafe enjoying their first lemonade stand of the summer.


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